Kara Bayly

Teachers - Middle School

About Me

Hey there! My name is Kara Bayly.  This will be my 8th year teaching at Lethbridge Christian School and my 13th year of teaching altogether.  I have taught at all grade levels with the exception of Grade 1, 11 and 12.  For the last 2 years I joined Mrs. Beswitherick in developing and teaching LCS' Grade 2/3 Multiage Community. This year I am joining Mrs. Hignell on our Learning Support Team and in addition I will be teaching Grade 6 Math, Science and Art.  This will be an exciting year as I will be in the LST position where I will have the priviledge of supporting our students, parents, teachers and educational assistants in our inclusive classroom settings.  I am also very excited to be teaching Grade 6 again which was the grade I started teaching in the first few years of my career.

I am so blessed to teach at Lethbridge Christian School and to be working with such wonderful students, staff and parents!  I LOVE teaching and I LOVE learning! I LOVE joining alongside our students as they grow in their love of learning!