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Learning Commons


Book Fair Mar. 15 - 22, 2021


Hello Lethbridge Christian School Family,

Welcome to a new year, a different year and a good year! It's wonderful to see your smiling eyes in the hallways of our school!

Learning Commons looks a little different this year but it just means I'm coming to you! Your class room will receive a fresh cart of books to look at during your carts rotation/regular schedule library time. Any time you can order a book to place on hold and I will deliver it right to your classroom. At this moment books can not be taken home due to Covid Protocols. 

Looking forward to a new, amazing year and excited to share amazing stories with each of you.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Calvin at




The Book Fair this spring is with Living Books, Kim Morris is our contact person. It is a virtual fair and will run from March 15 - March 22. Be sure to use the Coupon Code BOOKFAIRLCS to receive free shipping and to help our school receive free books for our Learning Commons. You can either pay through cheque, made out to Kim Morris, or credit card information on your order form or online. This link can be share with family and friends as well. www.livingbooks.ca/products 


UPDATE! Winners of our Book Cover contest are Jackson Hyland for Funniest. Victoria Napier for most Creative and Ava Klassen for Staff Favorite! Congratulations to each one of you! Thank you to each student who entered the contest, you made judging very difficult with your excellent entries. 

Thank you for your continuing support in creating a wonderful literacy environment for our children at school and home.