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Family Numeracy Resources

Mrs. Calvin - Yahtzee, Lego Challenges, Puzzles

Yahtzee is a dice game that requires 5 dice.  Players develop skills in subatizing (recognizing the number of dots on a dice without counting), addition, multiplication, and probability.

Required - 5 dice and scoresheets (available here) or purchasable online or in store.


Lego Challenges - There is so much a person can do with Lego.  Students can play games with some of the templates provided (here is a link).  Students can also build shapes (2-D) and objects (3-D).  


Puzzles - Puzzles are great ways for students to identify shapes and patterns that are part of numeracy.  They can often be found at garage sales or thrift stores, but also purchased new online or in many stores.

Mrs. Straughan Quick Draw and building blocks

Quick Draw - is a great activity to helps students understand lines and shapes.  Children look at the image for a small period of time, then it is covered up and students try to draw it.  This process can be repeated to allow students the chance to self-correct their attempt. Here are some great images to start out, but it could be done with any picture. 

Miss Brooks - What do you notice? & Add the room

What do you Notice?


Add the room - 

Mrs. B - Clear the Board and Counting Money

Clear the board


Counting Money

Mrs. Funk - Card Games and Which One Doesn't Belong

Here are some games you can play at home with just a deck of cards.

Math Games With A Deck Of Cards - Mrs. Funk


Which one doesn't belong (WODB) is a great conversation starter with children.  It is great for students to analyze a set of objects (pictures, items, etc) and have them determine criteria what makes things the same or different.  Here is a site with many examples that would more like "classroom" numeracy, but this could be done with things outside of school (cereal boxes, license plates, Lego pieces).

Mrs. A - Math Tiles - Games with cards

Math Tiles use tiles with the digits 0-9 on them.  They can be made from cardboard easily from scratch.  The website https://www.openmiddle.com/ has many activities that use these numbers.

Games with Cards here is a pdf of games that can be played with a deck of cards and sometimes some dice as well.  

Mrs. Kish - Minecraft Math

Minecraft education edition is included with all students school login information.  It can be downloaded onto a computer or portable device.  Here are some resources to help students use this tool to boost their numeracy skills while having fun!  https://education.minecraft.net/en-us/resources/math-subject-kit


Online Math Activities - 

Miss Reimer - Dutch Blitz & Numeracy Literature

Dutch Blitz is a fast paced game where players try to play their cards on piles in the centre.  Players need to recognize numbers and always think what number comes next.  This game can enhance numeracy further by having children say the name of the number they are playing.

You can purchase this game online or in stores if you want the official version.  Here is a link to how to play Dutch Blitz with regular decks of cards.


Numeracy Literature - Here is a link to numeracy literature available through the LCS Learning Commons.

Mrs. 0 - Chess, Sudoku, Prime Climb, Battleship

Chess is a great game for students to practice counting and spatial awareness.  It cultivates thinking and anticipating your opponent's thinking.

Sudoku is a well know game where you try to fill the grid without duplicating a number in any column, row, or square.  There are many sites to print these out (like here), or you can purchase a pre-made book that usually comes with solutions.

Prime Climb - is a board game that has students interact with numbers, factors, multiples and multiplication.  This game is usually available online from Chapters, Indigo, or other sources. 

Battle Ship - is a game that helps students to understand coordinate geometry and describing locations on a 2 dimensional surface.  This is often available used at thrift stores or available new in stores and online.

Mrs. Bateman - Place Value Wars and Cribbage

Place Value Wars




Also, here is a link to ways to use a deck of Uno cards to support numeracy at home.

Adam Palmer - Math at Home

Here is a copy of the presentation that Mr. Adam Palmer displayed with ways to weave numeracy into daily conversations and activities.

Melanie Morrow and Oshana Christiansen

Melanie and Oshana presented a Blackfoot dice game.  Here is a PDF of the numbers 1-10 in Blackfoot.