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Photo of Sean Alaric

Mr. Sean Alaric


Photo of Linda Bateman

Mrs. Linda Bateman

Acting Vice Principal and Learning Support Teacher

Teaching Staff

Photo of Tannis Straughan

Mrs. Tannis Straughan

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Katie Brooks

Miss Katie Brooks

Elementary - Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Candace Friesen

Mrs. Candace Friesen

Photo of Yvonne Beswitherick

Mrs. Yvonne Beswitherick

Elementary - Grade 2 Teacher

Photo of Jordan Funk

Mrs. Jordan Funk

Elementary - Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Beatrice Aloysius

Mrs. Beatrice Aloysius

Elementary - Grade 3 Teacher

placeholder image for Alyssa Bergen

Mrs. Alyssa Bergen

Elementary - Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Josh Devine

Mr. Josh Devine

Elementary - Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Nikki Kish

Mrs. Nikki Kish

Middle School and Grade 6 Homeroom

Photo of Alicia Reimer

Miss Alicia Reimer

Middle School and Grade 7 Homeroom

Photo of Allison Overbeeke

Mrs. Allison Overbeeke

Middle School and Grade 8 Homeroom

Photo of Graeme Mcfarlane

Mr. Graeme Mcfarlane

Music, Band, and Middle School

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