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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume



Mr. Sean Alaric


Lois Van Roon

Vice Principal

Teaching Staff

Tannis Straughan

Kindergarten Teacher

Katie Brooks

Elementary - Grade 1 Teacher

Jordan Cardamone

Elementary - Grade 1 Teacher

Josh Devine

Elementary - Grade 2 Teacher

Beatrice Matthew

Elementary - Grade 3 Teacher

Linda Bateman

Elementary - Grade 4 Teacher

Yvonne Beswitherick

Elementary - Grade 5 Teacher

Nikki Kish

Middle School and Grade 6 Homeroom

Alicia Reimer

Middle School and Grade 7 Homeroom

Allison Overbeeke

Middle School and Grade 8 Homeroom

Graeme Mcfarlane

Music, Band, and Middle School

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